Group Classes

All of our classes are developed by a Professional, lead by a Professional and designed to achieve reliable results in the shortest period of time while having the maximum amount of fun.

Rottie-Gabriel wearing angel wings

Fit & Fun

Can’t seem to tire your dog out? No matter how many times you throw the ball or how long you walk your dog? We know how to tire your dog out and it’s our Fit & Fun class. Fit & Fun is a circuit workout for dogs. It’s a complete head to tail workout that will tire out even the most active dogs.

Born to Move - Movement Puzzles

Does your dog like to be active and have an independent streak?

If the answer is YES, then Born to Move - Movement Puzzles is the perfect fit for you and your dog.

This challenging class will teach your dog how to do obstacle courses independently.

Rough & Tumble

A Dog’s Den Exclusive developed by Barbara Lloyd for dogs that are Super Athletes Simple exercises are arranged in complex ways to give your dog the most physically & mentally challenging workout of their lives.

Walk With Me

Do you dread your daily leash walk? Is it a nightmare of pulling and dragging ending in you having sore shoulders? We can help you have harmonious walks that are enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Puppy Play & Learn

Want to do something with your puppy but it’s not ready for a manners class? Have no fear, Puppy Play & Learn is here. Through play we will teach you and your puppy how to stay focused on one another and build a team mentality to accomplish simple tasks.

Come to Me

Does your dog ignore you when they are off leash? Do they have very selective hearing⁉️ Can they hear a ziploc bag opening up from a dead sleep when at home but are suddenly stone deaf to you when not attached to you? We know, this is very frustrating, but I’m here to tell you, we have the FIX - Come to Me will teach you how to get your dog to come when you call them.

Reactivity - A Different Approach

Portie-Ella bowingDoga - Yoga for Dogs

Teach your dog how to relax and rejuvenate his or her vital energies through this new, innovative Dog's Den class. Dogs will be taught several poses that mirror traditional Hatha & Tibetan Heart Yoga poses. Returning Dog's Den clients are eligible for an open registration in this class.

If your dog has a manners class from another school or club then you are required to attend an orientation session prior to the start date of the class to familiarize you and your dog to Dog's Den training methodology to ensure a successful Doga class for you and your dog.

Smart Puppy

Joey looking upThis class is for puppies up to six months of age. Prerequisites for this class are that puppies have two sets of shots. Puppies will learn the basics such as sit, stay, down, come, leave it, go to your mat and walking on a loose leash. Puppies are also allowed two play breaks, one at the beginning and one in the middle of the class. Play breaks are important for puppies because it provides an opportunity for socialization, and this socialization teaches puppies good dog manners and how to speak dog. This class consists of six hours of instruction and is one hour in length once a week for six weeks.

Puppy Agility

This class provides a good way to bond with your puppy and teach it how to be confident.  Puppies will learn how to jump through a tire jump, find their way through a chute, walk through a tunnel, step through a ladder and walk over a see saw.

Sheeba-Inu puppy running through tunnel
Puppy runnig through weeve poles

Family Dog Manners

This is a terrific foundational class designed for family pets seven months of age and older. Over the course of six weeks your dog will learn sit & down stay, come when called, leave it, go to your mat, walk on a loose leash, meet and greet other dogs and people and not to jump.

Gabriel, Thekla and Artemis

Around Town Manners

Scuba and Artemis outside a dog treat store

This class is taught outdoors at various locations around the city to practice manners learned in Family Dog and SMART Puppy Class. The goal of this class is to teach dogs how to behave in public so you can enjoy your pooch in all social settings.

Around Town Photos >>

Who's Walking Who?

Is your dog perfectly behaved except when on walks? Is the leash a tool for tug-of-war between you and your dog? This class is for you then. The focus is on loose leash walking outside. These classes are small so that you and your dog will get the individual attention you require to be successful.

Gabriel dragging Barbara

Big Dog Class of the Titans

This class is for Big Dogs that have already Graduated from a Family Dog Manners Class. Dogs that fit the Big Dog Criteria are of Rottweiler & Mastiff proportions. Developed and offered to you on demand for HUGE dogs, Sporting dogs and Working dogs!!

Mastiff-Loki and Great Dane-Isa


Molly going through shute

Agility is a great sport for any dog. It involves learning how to master a number of obstacles. The obstacles include jumps, dog walk, A-frame, see saw, chute, tunnel, table and weave poles. Dogs can learn agility for fun or can compete in competitions.

Agility Photos >>

Tricks & Clicks

This class is fun way to teach your dog some neat stuff and a terrific way to cognitively challenge your pooch. Tricks & Clicks is a wonderful indoor winter activity class that tires even the most active dogs out.

K-9 Fun Games

This class is the perfect choice for dogs that love to retrieve. Various games are taught including Doggy Dash, Distance Catch, Kong Challenge Cup, Take and Drop, Recall Relay, Joe Pup Relay, Woof Relay & Musical Chairs. This is another wonderful indoor winter activity class that tires out even the most active dogs.

Leon and Relic playing chase

Dog Party

Guaranteed to be a howl of a time for both dogs and their people.  This class entails chase, fetch, romping and rolling all just for Fun.  Party animal candidates would be those dogs who are well socialized, energetic and live to play with other like minded dogs.  These dogs speak dog fluently and understand dog etiquette.
*Note* this is not a class for dogs that need socialization in order to have more confidence, nor is it a venue for dogs that are aggressive.  IF you are looking for a class to address these needs, please refer to the Confidence Class description.

Confidence ClassDaisy and Molly

A class designed to meet the needs of you and your dog. We allow a maximum of 4 dogs in this class and it is tailored to your needs. This class would be right for you and your dog if your dog: barks at other dog's non-stop, is afraid of things, is not fond of other people or dogs. The registration fee for this class is $200.00 (unlike our other 60 minute classes, this class is 90 minutes in length).