The Pack

Terrier-Jake, Great Pyrenees-Soloman, Briard-Artemis, Husky-Isis and Rottie-Rex running in the snow


Husky-Isis running in the snowIsis is our five-year-old Husky. We adopted her when she was six months old from the Regina Humane Society. She was pretty skinny when we brought her home and to this day she remains on the slight side of things.

Isis prompted us to build our six-foot chain link fence. We were so proud of it and then her escaping started, and her brother Artemis would tag along. We soon found out chain link alone was not enough, we had to reinforce the bottom of the fence with cement blocks to prevent her from digging under the fence.

Like all Huskies, Isis loves running so we indulge her and her brothers and sister on regular hikes. She runs for miles with her brother Artemis during the day and curls up on the wing chair at night to sleep. She runs like the wind and glides over the ground hardly even touching it.

Best of all though is she comes back when we call her, no matter how far away she is or what she is chasing, she always returns to us with a quizzical look on her face as if to say: You Called?

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NakitaHusky-Nakita sitting on a couch

Nakita aka El' Kai-e-ta is our other seven year old, true to form, Siberian Husky. She loves being part of a pack and playing with Isis and Solomon. She can frequently be heard summoning John, our neighbour, to come over and give her a treat through the fence, and he usually does! Although Nakita expects perfect hearing from the humans that surround her, she would have us believe she is hard of hearing. But we have figured out that she has selective hearing. Her selective hearing is usually in play when we are out in the country for a run. She hears the deer rustle in the bush, a rabbit scurry across the path, a cow in the pasture across the way and other barely audible sounds made by wildlife. My voice, on the other hand, seems to be out of her range of hearing. Then by some miracle, when she does happen to hear me calling her, she turns around, looks at me, and heads in the opposite direction. I am however comforted by the acknowledgment the look gives me, and I accept and love her for her Siberian Husky self.

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Briard-Artemis laying on a logWe adopted Artemis, our Briard in January 2000 from the local shelter when he was eight weeks old.

As a result of his herding heritage Artemis likes things orderly. Once in Puppy Class a puppy strayed from its matt and Artemis herded the puppy all the way back to its matt and supervised it for the rest of the class! That said, he does have a sense of humor though, and this comes out when he is working with children in schools. When he is retrieving an item he often play bows in front of it then picks it up and spins around before bringing it back to me, this of course elicits loads of laughter from the spectators.

Another venue his humor makes an appearance in is agility. He loves to perch up on top of the A-Frame and take in the crowd or he likes to stand in the middle of the teeter and bounce it back and forth and for his grand finale he likes to strut his stuff back and forth across the dog walk, by this time in his performance the crowd is usually roaring!!

Artemis is also active in Pet Therapy; he makes monthly scheduled visits to the Wascana Rehab Centre to visit long-term care patients. In the summer and fall months his favorite activity is herding and in July of 2004 he attained his Junior Herd Dog Title in AHBA. Later in the Fall of 2004 Artemis made his Movie Debut in the film Slatland. Artemis is a Joy to have and a Pleasure to work with; we are Blessed to have him!

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Great Pyrenees-Soloman sleeping on a floor

Solomon is our Great Pyrenees who was born in August of 2004. He is a large gentle male with a fluffy white coat and beautiful dark brown eyes. True to the Pyrenees standard, he is awesome at guarding our home, and those of our neighbours.

His favorite pastimes are playing with Isis and Nakita and being fed by our neighbor John and his grandchildren. Solomon has a great capacity for love and we are proud to have him!

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Rottie-Gabriel head shot from the sideGabriel

Grischa vom Tegler Fliess

Pink Papered German Import

ADRK # 110313

OFA Good



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Gabriel was born on September 26, 2004 in Berlin, Germany to Clodo vom Gondelsheimer Schloss & Vetzi vom Wolfert Turm at the Zwinger vom Tegler Fliess bred by Eva Wilk-Oser & Dr. Gabriel Oser. He arrived in Canada on January 21, 2005 with his brother Gero escorted by the Reverend Stephan Radke and his wife Anastasia. On January 22, 2005 we picked up our baby from Cold Lake, Alberta.

Rottie-Gabriel standing in a fieldGabriel can often be seen receiving guests and admirers at our local Java Express Coffee Shop on South Albert. As a puppy he was the active one in the litter, always the first to explore new things and of course get into trouble. He still continues his adventures and is loved by all who meet him. Most recently he investigated the local Vern’s pizza and took an unexpected tour of the Shoppers Drug Mart and Post Office.

Gabriel is an exceptional dog who accelerates at everything he does. He is active in Pet Therapy programs at Pioneer Village and in the Developmental Classroom at Thom Collegiate. He also accompanies his brother Artemis on visits to schools to promote the No Bite program. This program teaches children how to properly approach and pet a dog.

In June 2005 Gabriel attended his first Rottweiler Club of Canada Sieger Show in Calgary, Alberta and was awarded First Place in the Junior Male Puppy Class under ADRK Judge Gerhard Apel. Later on in the summer we attended a Schutzhund Seminar with Joel Munroe from Big Valley Dog Training. The seminar was awesome and at the conclusion of the weekend Gabriel and I were both excited about what we had learned and about the homework we were assigned.

Currently in 2007, Gabriel and I are working on his BH and AD. We are looking forward to the help and guidance of Andreas Mueller of Zauberberg K9 Academy.

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