Ruff’N Tumble

Do you have a High Energy dog that loves activity?

Do you want to learn how to tire your dog and have fun at the same time?

Have we got the class for you🐶

Ruff’N Tumble for Beginners is an exciting new Dog Sport that all dogs can do, even disabled dogs (check with your vet to determine if suitable).

Ruff’N Tumble takes agility and teamwork to new levels for you and your dog.

Once your dog learns the basics of Ruff’N Tumble , then you can show of your dog’s new moves outside on walks because Obstacles are found in the environment and are limitless.

Your dog doesn’t need to know a thing to start Ruff’N Tumble for Beginners, because all the skills taught in this class start at the Very Beginning and teach you how to teach your dog the cool moves step by step.

If you and your dog have a great training relationship already Ruff’N Tumble for Beginners will take it to the Next Level, because the skills taught in this class are challenging for your dog, but easy for you to teach him or her.

In this class your dog will learn 16 new skills.

These skills are the foundation work for more advanced Ruff’N Tumble Challenges.

As you and your Best Friend Forever work through this class your dog will learn how to control their body like an acrobat, do handstands, rebounds, gap jumps, side step, back up, jump in things, walk a plank, crawl under multiple objects and go around obstacles.

Other than having great fun with your dog, the other benefits to Ruff’N Tumble for Beginners include:

  • Intense physical activity that teach body awareness and stamina, requiring balance and flexibility.
  • Positive Relationship building & Trust between you and your dog.
  • Increased Self Confidence in your dog as a result of mastering physical feats.